Even the shopping bags are irreverently chic at Peri. A.

“I opened this store because I was so bored with everything I’ve seen in fashion.” are the first words out of the mouth of Peri Arenas as I stroll into her hip Robertson Boulevard boutique in Los Angeles. She had me at “bored”.

Nothing boring here…the eye candy abounds from custom graffiti vintage bags (Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel) to one of a kind jewellery (anti-fashion earrings by Bijoux de Famille, Nervous strawberries necklace by N2 Paris, and a killer design by Antwerp’s E.K. Thongprasert). There’s an irreverently chic vibe that has the freshness of a piece of bazooka joe gum.

“Anti-fashion” earrings & necklace by Bijoux de Famille (left) and and E.K.Thongprasert statement piece (right)

All this teasing before I even had a chance to fondle the clothing. At the time I visited in early May, the boutique had yet to have its official opening. But the merchandise was more than ready for its close up. There were hardly any labels I’d heard of previously and the excitement Peri felt for her edit was contagious. Save for a few Bella Freud tees, even they were unique in their chatty cheek, everything was new and exciting and ready to be sold out.

Posing with proprietor Peri. A. – she’s clearly no longer bored.

As I contemplated a check dress by Rahul Mishra she interjects that most likely by the time I wear it she won’t be carrying the label any longer. Ditto for a Jupe by Jackie happy face emoji blouse. Safe to say Peri likes to keep it fresh and exclusive.

Ms. Arenas has not overlooked a single detail to make the shopping experience fun with a capital F. The shopping bags cheekily declare “THIS IS MY PERI.A. BAG. GET YOUR OWN.”, the envelope for my receipt reads “PAY UP HONEY” and the hangers entice “COME ON, YOU’VE EARNED THIS.” And as I exit with my loot in tow I can’t help but nod my head in agreement.

PERI.A. 427 N Canon Dr, Los Angeles CA

Loving my hand embroidered Jupe by Jackie happy face emoji blouse.

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