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Dallas Planners Club

A reality-based series giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the frenetic, competitive, glamorous, ruthless, fashionable world of million-dollar event planning.

Million Dollar Listing meets Bridezilla meets Shark Tank.

An exclusive invitation to meet the players involved in the planning and execution of over-the-top launches, fundraisers, weddings, and corporate events. An unpredictable, behind-the-scenes peek at the outrageous world of big-ticket event planning where event designers strategize with the stealth of army generals formulating and executing an operations plan. Transforming the venue, enticing newsworthy guests to attend, coordinating entertainment, pacifying celebrity hosts, selling tables, wrangling committee members and delivering Instagrammable food; from the high strung, melodramatic event producers (who are only as good as their last bash) to the cash heavy attendees; the characters are larger than life. For those who have the dollars, the connections and the wardrobes it’s all aboard the ultimate party train!

Meet the outrageous and energetic event specialists who pull out all the stops to throw “the best events in North America”; all in the name of a good time.

Dallas Planners Club is a formula for a multi-city franchise, providing a peek at the exclusive, highly competitive network of high-end event planners. From the euphoria to the headaches …anything can happen, and something always does.

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X-TREMEFOODIES: Meet the X-TremeFoodies, the trophy hunters of food. They believe “you have to taste it all to know it all” and make their way around the globe with limitless appetites and big personalities.  Living and eating by the X-tremeFoodie code of conduct (“…order one of everything…share what you order, or you’re not invited…the eating ends when the last worthy food establishment closes…”)  they have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of food intelligence. Sampling more than 40 plates per destination per day is not unusual in their pursuit to lay claim to the authoritative voice on any food group.  With biting wit and hungry enthusiasm, there’s no destination too remote, no locale too far off the grid in their quest for the best mouthful.  They’ll go to Amazing Race lengths, including rerouting flights, climbing mountains, begging, bribing and backstabbing, to savor essential eats.

With this knowledge and taste base comes a matchless level of expertise.  Tag along as our hosts embark on kamikaze-style food missions and tap their international grid of local experts to give viewers a profound look at some of the most-loved foods.  From tacos to pizza, fish ‘n chips to Rueben sandwiches, they share the history, geneses, science and their authoritative knowledge of where to find it, how to eat it and why it’s X-tremeFoodie favored.