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Released May 30th, 2023


In the merciless world of reality TV, three women try to change their lives, but end up with far more than they bargained for.

Zoe wants nothing more than to get ahead. She’s a producer on the hot docu-soap, Talk of the Town, and all her time and energy is focused on making it the best show ever. The most dramatic. The most interesting. The most addictive. The highest rated.

Dahlia Irvine knows two things for sure: this show’s her chance to have a career all her own and her NFL-hottie husband is totally and completely in love with her. Except when the cameras start rolling, everything she knew for sure it is no longer certain and the more she tries to fix what’s wrong with her love and her life the worse it gets.

On the outside Sabrina, whose nickname is “The Countess of Controversy”, had it all. Gorgeous husband. Beautiful family. A title. But when her life comes crashing down around her, her cousin Budgie convinces her to join the show. Together they’ll turn things around… except the pressure of the show, the pressure of her ex, and the pressure of her own expectations almost ruin her life all over again.

For the women working behind and in front of the camera on Talk of the Town, one of them will inevitably end up as the “most hated”. It’s all in the name of great entertainment, but when real life blends with reality television no one comes out unscathed.

Praise for Most Hated

Most Hated is deliciously racy, sassy and gossipy —with a sensational plot twist that left even me, a reality television OG, shocked to the core! Alloway has created a feisty and intoxicating cast of characters, each with their own motivation for wanting to be filmed on reality tv. The ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the rich and famous with glamorous dinners and fabulous fashion. But it is also a reminder that all that glitters is not always gold.”
-VICKI GUNVALSON Reality Television Cast Member/Real Housewives of Orange County/Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip

“Kara Alloway is an incredibly talented author. Most Hated had me declining calls and ignoring texts. She creatively portrays the thoughts, feelings, and actions of those involved in reality television production in this brilliant tale of deception and manipulation. Kara gives readers a behind-the-scenes perspective only a former reality TV participant could convey. A remarkable tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”
-KATHY HILTON, Reality Television Star/Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Paris in Love

“A hugely heartfelt and hopelessly addictive novel about female friendships. This multi–faceted story, where the lives of so-called ‘friends’ are irrevocably interconnected, will leave you feeling like you have just read about your own life. Most Hated is most definitely a must-read.”
-JILL ZARIN Reality Television Cast Member/Real Housewives of New York City/Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip

“This is ‘eye-ball’ entertainment at its finest. Most Hated has all the drama, glamor, and fun of reality tv but on the page.”
-JOHN STEVENS/Reality TV Producer, Venture 10 Studio Group

“Kara Alloway not only gives readers a rare and unique personal insight into the dark corners of reality television in this highly entertaining, fun, and readable debut novel, but I become so engrossed with the characters and their storylines, I was left wondering if this really is fiction. Trust me, you will inhale this book and then rethink everything you thought you knew about reality television.”
-ALICIA QUARLES/Entertainment Correspondent, E!/The Daily Mail

“If you are a Housewives fan then THIS is the book you’ve been waiting for!! Seriously. Hard. To. Put. Down!”
-LEEANNE LOCKEN/ Real Housewives of Dallas

“Kara Alloway shows reality is truly never reality, especially when the cameras are rolling. In the unrelenting but aspirational world of reality tv, someone needs to be the villain. Who will win the title of Most Hated?  You’ll have to read to find out! The shocking twists and turns won’t disappoint. My guess is Most Hated will be the ‘Most Talked’ about for a very, very long time.”
-MELISSA PFEISTER/Namaste B$tches Podcast