From Fashion Editor to Executive Producer – The multi-faceted Kara Alloway

After graduating from Canada’s prestigious McGill University (well known for having the highest percentage of PhD students of any Canadian research university) Kara was hired by Conde Nast’s ALLURE Magazine in Los Angeles. While there, under the tutelage of Allure’s founder Linda Wells, Kara’s writing style expanded and matured. Kara quickly became known for her writing contributions, sharing her perspective on the world of fashion and beauty with a journalistic approach, investigating the topics with candor and objectivity.

From there Kara became editor-in-chief of INGENUE Magazine, which under her direction, had the fastest growth in circulation among Canadian publication history for the teen target demographic. Kara then sojourned into radio, hosting a daily show wherein content included interviews with such fashion icons as Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Diane Von Furstenburg, Bob Mackie and Oscar de La Renta.

Despite Kara’s many interests she focuses time on her philanthropic work, including but not limited to organizations such as, The Children’s Aid Society, CASA Los Angeles, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, The Race to Erase MS, Opportunity International, Love A Village, and many more.

Currently Kara has donned the executive producer cap with two new television shows in the final stages of development and is penning a thriller novel about female relationships and a woman who becomes entangled in a reality television show.

While not behind a desk working over the keys of her laptop, Kara’s shows off her distinctive sense of fun and classy style on social media and on the red carpet.