Walking the red carpet of life like a Real A$$ Housewife. Click HERE to see the video now.

“If you can laugh at yourself, you’ll always have good material.” Rick Warren   Humour is a discipline. We start out in life with the ability to giggle and chortle with abandon.  It is said that toddlers laugh approximately 200 times a day, whereas the average 40 year old will  enjoy a good chuckle 4 times in their waking hours. What a sad statistic on aging. Worse than wrinkles or shrinking, this terrifies me. I suppose those numbers might be part of an urban legend – I tried to verify their accuracy and could not find any credible research to support them outside a few well written articles on laughter. But no matter the numbers it is true that as we age, we laugh less. It’s somewhat ironic because as we grow older the effects of laughter seem more necessary: better sleep, reduced stress levels, decrease in inflammation, increase in immunity and improved blood flow. Recently, I discovered that if I only enjoy my life in the good times, I’ll never fully enjoy my life. The key to seizing the milk and honey moments is to laugh at your limitations. Instead of regretting and bemoaning bad decisions, learn from them and then learn to smile at them. I’ve found that laughter recharges my emotions. It’s the difference between enduring and experiencing life. Jordan Grant is a fourth year engineering student at Canada’s University of Waterloo. He wrote Real A$$ Housewife as a parody of all things “housewife”. From the first time I heard it I knew it had legs. Shortly thereafter I enlisted Flight Squad Media, a group of young individuals with incredible talent for photography and film making, to bring this rap to life on film. But I wanted our little project to have purpose beyond a giggle at the ridiculous characterization of the stereotypical “Real Housewife”. So we partnered with U for Change, a Toronto-based mentoring programming for youth, focussing in the disciplines of photography, film, DJ-ing and fashion design, and turned the experience into a partnership. There are Real A$$ Housewife t-shirts (pictured above) for sale here and a portion of proceeds will go to U for Change. I hope you enjoy our video. I hope it makes you smile, maybe even LOL. I genuinely hope it recharges your emotions the way making it did mine.   Tags

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