Honesty hour: there was a time when I looked at people who didn’t drink like they were lame and boring. So ridiculously immature, I know. I also inaccurately thought that the only people who didn’t drink were those who  had lost everything or had been to jail because their addiction had taken them to a deeper, darker extreme. To criticize moderation or abstinence is to criticize so many real contributors to our society. From artists like Jennifer Hudson to innovators like Bill Gates, the list of those who abstain is long and prolific. Personally, I do not abstain. I love red wine with a meal (not a fan of the white), a shot of tequila or an Aperol spritz with my friends, or champagne to toast life’s victories and defeats. I have friends who drink and some who do not. Being a grown up means accepting others for who they are. To drink alcohol is a conscious choice and I am very disciplined about that lifestyle choice.  To me, the choice to drink or not to drink all depends on why you’re drinking, and the effects it’s having on your physical and spiritual well-being. I am always cautious to become friends with individuals who need my affirmation to lend them credibility for the decisions they have made and continue to make. I am happy to report I have a life beyond alcohol. I would never judge someone based on their consumption or lack thereof. Life is not about rules, about fulfilling this role or that role. It’s about awareness and conscious choices.  To that end, I fully applaud and support those who have determined that a sober life is the best choice for them. I believe whatever your decision, it’s important to be present in every moment, be authentic to yourself, to feel vibrant, alive and awake, to respect your body for the gift that it is, accept life on life’s terms, live life on purpose and be content. Namaste.   Tags

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